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Seguin (Speed trap), Texas? 

Running the Biggest Traffic Ticket Industry in Texas?

by Ed Tor

We've all heard about small, 'one horse towns' like Estelline, Texas, population 155, with their one-person police force or nearby Martindale and we're not too surprised to hear them called "speed traps.". It's almost expected from these very small communities because they seldom have other sources of income. The lone Town Marshal of nearby Martindale told this reporter, a few years after they incorporated, "Our first year brought in $80,000 of the $120,000 worth of tickets I wrote without any fuss." They managed to pump those tickets up to $883,610 recently but NOT without some fuss. A 1975 state law bans cities with less than 5,000 residents from collecting more than 30% of their annual revenue from traffic fines. If they collect more, it becomes the state's 'cut.' Apparently the State of Texas isn't happy when they don't get 'their cut' - $573,000 worth in this case. The City Administrator and Police chief (same person) Jeff Caldwell claimed ignorance of the law. Yep! You read that right. "Ignorance" is an excuse for those who administer our laws but never for us.

Now -- that decades old state law was suppose to discourage 'one-horse-towns' from abusing Texas travelers using a form of 'legal' robbery. But what about bigger cities like Seguin? Complaints have been swirling for decades about Seguin.
"The whole department is writing traffic tickets to fill city coffers with cash." "The Court is in on it too, rubber-stamping anything a cop says."  "It's been going on so long elected officials have to know." "They've got more cops than any other city their size."
And this one really torques us as our readers know how we care about children,
"If they really cared about safety they'd put flashing lights on their city owned school zone signs. But they don't care because fines are higher in the school zones." (Signs on state highways are paid for by the state.)

One of our contributors decided to research the complaint of more cops per capita and here are the results: Their own
Seguin Police Department website claims 48 patrol officers (not counting the court bailiff.) So, how does the number of Seguin's traffic ticket writing officers, at 48, stack up to other Texas cities of comparable size. Here is what the research revealed:

Seguin Police have 76% MORE patrol officers than other Texas cities its size.

This is a disturbing fact. If Seguin is perceived as preying on their own citizens instead of raising taxes or reducing costs, (like their 20 extra ticket writing cops) they are jeopardizing their future. Seguin has been the recent happy recipient of new, large revenue sources like the huge Caterpillar Plant. Corporate executives are not going to relocate their plants and families to Seguin if they think they will become fodder for a Traffic Ticket Industry.

From the 2010 Census, two dozen cities were chosen to research: one dozen cities just above and one dozen cities just below Seguin. Seven had websites to compare Seguin's 48 *ticket writers against. We've provided their links below. Those without websites responded by email.

Big Spring pop. 27,282 35 ticket writers http://www.bigspringpd.net/index.php/divisions/49-patrol
Lake Jackson pop. 26,849 33 ticket writers http://www.lakejackson-tx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1168
Southlake pop. 26,575 35 ticket writers http://www.cityofsouthlake.com/index.aspx?NID=650
Kingsville pop. 26,213 31 ticket writers https://www.facebook.com/kingsvillepd/info
SEGUIN pop.  25,175 48 ticket writers http://www.seguintexas.gov/police/
San Benito pop. 24,250 27 ticket writers http://www.cityofsanbenito.com/299/Patrol-Division
Alvin pop. 24,236 32 ticket writers http://www.alvinpolice.org/uploads/2013_Annual_report.pdf
Watauga pop. 23,497 22 ticket writers http://www.ci.watauga.tx.us/index.aspx?NID=294

*ticket writers
- Our contributor is well aware that any sworn officer in Texas is authorized to write traffic citations but it is also true that some rarely or never do, including: administration, investigation, communication officers and bailiff(s). Criteria used in this research was "regular citation writers" that fall into the first of the following two categories: Those full-time, sworn officers who, in category (1)
regularly and/or normally write citations for traffic related violations and not those in category (2) who rarely or never do.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Court is in session

The Blinding Spotlight of truth will soon be focused on our Justice System in Mudville. Judges and their underlings who Brazenly Subvert justice for a self-serving form of 'Just Us' will be exposed. Violating their sacred, sworn oath to defend our Constitution, they act as if they are completely ignorant of it or just don't care. Reporting on this lawless behavior is only possible because of citizens who bravely tell us their first-hand experiences. Coming soon, we will begin a series of reports, starting right at the top with the County Judge. This judge knowingly violated a county citizen's constitutional rights and showed a callous lack of concern about it.

Local 'Rags' don't report on things like this because their 'professional' reporters show up at the courthouse, city hall, police station, sheriff's office or public school office happy to receive the official talking points hand-out. Reprinting these biased 'press releases' makes their job easier and keeps them 'in good' with those continual sources of propaganda masquerading as community news. Think: See no Evil -- Hear no Evil -- Report no Evil.

Editors note: This report has been (obviously) delayed. Lo and behold... the local 'rag' has decided (forced?) to report on the current County Judge's real-time misdeeds. We'll wait a bit.

May 12, 2008

MUDVILLE — Fourth-grade teacher arrested with loaded handgun and marijuana was released two hours later.  She was put on leave with pay [of course]. 

Tanya Boyd's 'caught in the headlights' Blank Stare mugshot

WE'RE NOT SURPRISED!  Beguiling Superintendent should RESIGN!

Local 'rags' usually refuse to report frequently committed crimes, sexual assaults on our children or staff malfeasance at 'Mudville' ISD, but sometimes one slips through their 'Hush It Up' filter. We have reported on this criminal element and the dark heart in Mudville for years and we will continue. Unlike those 'rags,' we will never reprint the Beguiling Superintendent's 'Talking Points' or hide and distort the truth in order to shamelessly profit local real estate agents, 'developers' and speculators who promote 'Mudville' ISD as 'the place to be.'

Big cities love proving their Big Schools are no worse than our small ones, and in many ways, they are right. Based on decades of local experience, we've been reporting this fact to you. This is one more page written into Mudville's already tarnished record.

A San Antonio KENS channel 5 video report, found under their CRIME heading on 05/15/08 read: Teacher arrested for having drugs and loaded gun. That teacher's Bonehead Superintendent is heard on the video saying; "We clearly have a very serious lapse of judgment -- at the very least."
[We respond; YEA ... YOURS!
The lapse in judgment is YOURS when you hired her and YOURS for keeping her... for years!]

This BSer also told the local rag“I was present during the entire incident, which took place in the parking lot, and at no time were our students or staff in danger." What a Freudian slip of the tongue! She WAS indeed present for the ENTIRE incident, which DID primarily take place in the parking lot... FOR OVER THREE YEARS! Several reports indicate fourth grade 'teacher' Boyd took regular smoke breaks... er... I mean toke breaks in the parking lot for years. While she smoked her mind altering drug, was she also admiring her loaded pistol and thinking about some of her more 'difficult' students?

Can you believe her audacity? She thinks 'the incident' that needed her intervention [as just another spectator actually] was the final seconds in a three year long child endangerment saga going on RIGHT UNDER HER NOSE! While law enforcement officers brought the REAL three year long INCIDENT to an end, she wants district residents to know; "I WAS PRESENT," for those last seconds. She was there for those few minutes when, case in fact, she was NOT in charge. We want to know where she was for the preceding three years when she was in charge?  For three years this 'teacher' took toke breaks right under her nose, and many knew it.

Who’s to Blame for High Property Taxes in Texas?

 by Tom Pauken           Fri, Dec 14, 2007, 01:53 PM

The San Antonio Express-News had a major story last weekend about who’s to blame for the small savings in property taxes homeowners have received “since state leaders approved a new school-funding system 18 months ago.” That school-finance plan was designed to cut school property taxes by one-third over a three year period.

However, homeowners and other property owners are not seeing those promised property tax cuts; and, according to the Express News, some homeowners are blaming Gov. Perry for the “modest decreases” in property taxes they are seeing.

Having chaired the Governor’s Task Force on Appraisal Reform, let me bluntly state that they are blaming the wrong person in criticizing Gov. Perry for their meager reduction in property taxes. The real culprits are the local taxing entities and their allies in the Texas Legislature, most notably Democratic State Representative Mike Villarreal of San Antonio and Republican Rep. Fred Hill of Richardson, who did everything in their power to kill true appraisal reform in the last session of the Texas Legislature.

The taxing entities were successful in killing legislation which would have addressed the “stealth tax of skyrocketing property tax appraisals in Texas and ever increasing levels of local property taxes. Instead of exercising fiscal responsibility and limiting growth in spending, many local governments and school districts took advantage of this “windfall” of lower school property taxes to increase spending significantly last year and this year as well. Of course, the result of this spending splurge are higher property taxes which negated most of the benefits of the one-third cut in school property taxes engineered by Gov. Perry and John Sharp.

Had our recommendations been passed – which were strongly supported by Gov. Perry – homeowners would not still be waiting for promised property tax relief. Among the legislative proposals that were killed by the local taxing entities were the following:

Require voter approval of any local property tax increases above 5% annually.

Reduce the appraisal cap on homesteads from 10% to 5% so that homeowners only face a 5% maximum increase in property taxes annually.

1.  Reform appraisal boards to include equal taxpayer representatives on those boards. (Right now, the local taxing entities totally control those appraisal boards with the power to hire or fire the Chief Appraiser and appoint the members who serve on the appraisal review boards.)

2.  Allow for a local option of a one-half cent sales tax in order to reduce city and county property taxes on a dollar for dollar base.

3.  Increase the margin of error on the Comptroller’s tax audits of local appraisal districts from 5% to 10%. (This technical correction would have taken much of the pressure off local appraisal districts from the Comptroller’s office to raise appraisals to maximum levels.)

If you want to blame anyone for the failure of the Texas Legislature to address appraisal reform, one should start with the Texas Municipal League and the Texas Association of Counties – two powerful lobbying organizations for the local taxing entities which led the fight to kill appraisal reform and any permanent tax relief. In addition, the homeowners can thank Rep. Fred Hill and Rep. Mike Villarreal who were the “point men” for the taxing entities in killing permanent property tax relief. Don’t blame Gov. Perry for what went wrong on this issue in the last session of the Texas Legislature.

 An edited version was printed in Friday’s San Antonio Express-News.

[Ed note: Additionally, our local Blood Sucking Board of  Slackers wasted no time robbing us of what little tax relief we would have seen by reversing it in their deceptively named "Tax Rollback" election. We are doing our part by telling you the truth, which you do not get from those neighboring "news" mouthpieces. Only your active participation can stop the Back Stabbing and reverse the Binge Spending!]

FAIR ELECTIONS? ... Don't BS us!

The aptly named Borrow and Spend Gang won't allowed it!

These "progressive" liberals FEAR a FAIR ELECTION!  The last one they had -- that is, with any opposition, they lost by 57%! The ink hadn't even dried on the ballots before school officials were dedicating themselves to hold another election to reverse those results. It took them fourteen (14) months [the earliest date under state law], thousands of dollars, endless meetings, free continual promotion by the only paper and radio station in the area, and the violation of election codes and criminal laws to overturn that fair election. They only got about 57% too.  Both sides increased their actual numbers, but obviously, they "arm-twisted", cajoled, bribed and threatened more people than they had previously.  Their "above the law" mentality and outlaw behavior not only brought us another 'gimme-gimme election' and bought us another monument to their crimes; this time we got the 'bonus' of a million dollars of RED INK and nearly lost the school!


We do not exaggerate using "bribed and threatened."  Everyone, with an independent thought, who has any economic dealings with this school [being the largest business in a district with very few] is going to experience 'the pressure'  sooner or later.  If you don't respond 'favorably' to bribes or threats, you will be ostracized.  If you still resist, we pray you have no children enrolled.

When children are attacked for the 'sins of their father,' there is hardly any lower they can sink.  There are many residents, former residents and even some educators (yes, sometimes they turn on their own) who have first hand knowledge of their shameful, Neo-Nazi behavior.  One of our supporters was burned down because of it.  Was it retaliation for continued resistance?  Why do they do it?  JUST TO WIN -- AT ANY COST!


    They lie about facts during an election.  They use district equipment, mailing lists, labels, envelopes and obviously funds to promote and pass their elections -- all illegal conduct.  Many say they only understand the language of lawsuits!  They have torn down our announcements and stolen our handout material. They have lied to State officials about our little political road signs and then committed criminal vandalism against them. They even STOLE four of our tiny [2' x 1-1/2'] signs in the last election right after we put them up, which was only one week before the election.  The immediate timing of this crime indicates they were 'lying in wait,' having premeditated it at their "BS meetings."  They claimed to State officials; "the signs are in the right-of-way," which is arguable, but our immediate survey showed dozens of their signs were no doubt, well in the right-of-way. Their signs were actually several yards out into the middle of the right-of-way, both in front of the school itself and at the business of their leading proponent, the Gail that Blows South. Their criminal mind will always justify itself. These gangsters are so pitiful, they think they can not even risk having an election with our few tiny signs against their lopsided advantages including hundreds of large, colorful signs, some as large as 4 foot by 8 foot.  They hurl Bottles of Swill at us while driving by.  They even hurled a twenty pound chunk of cast iron through one of our supporter's back windshield, costing their family over $500.  Criminal reports are filed and evidence turned in, so at the very least, if one of their missiles causes injury, there is a record of their premeditation, and sentences will be increased.  Since fingerprints can even be lifted from Broken Shards, you might want to reconsider 'cruising'  with your Bud Sucking friend if he puts on gloves to drink.
FOR THE RECORD: Since the wife of this supporter is well known to often work close to the highway, these attacks are considered ATTEMPTED MURDER!      MOVE OVER JASPER?!  



signs vandalized:

~~~Public Notice to: School Board and Administration~~~


Cease and desist printing, making reference to, releasing information containing, otherwise using, or allowing to be used, the term "Roll Back" within the context or relating to your upcoming TAX INCREASE ELECTION on September 30, 2006.  Misrepresentation of the facts, in an election in Texas, is illegal. Further violation by the school board, administration or their surrogates will expose the district to legal liability.

The Public
(district residents and taxpayers)
DontBS.us is pleased to see a strengthening grass roots movement emerging around this election.  We provide the following "highlights" from an anonymously mailed letter solely for those who may not have seen it. We are not responsible for it but agree with many points contained. As it suggests, we also suggest that you verify any claim made for yourself. Unlike the other side, who operate in closed sessions, don't have time for questions, and repeat carefully scripted talking points, we believe more information is better than less.

The Real Information on the 



All of the above information can be verified through purchase orders, audits, budgets, salary schedules, and board minutes/tapes. These are available by request through the Freedom of Information Act at the NISD central office. The law states that the information must be made available as soon as possible not to exceed 10 days.



15 reasons to vote against the tax increase and suggestions for clearing the debt:

  1. Tell them; "Go back to work and make some hard cuts."  It is easy to not replace teachers who retire, to not buy extra paper clips, to slash our homestead exemption, and raise taxes.  The hard work is handing out "pink slips," and cutting "soccer-mom's" favorite program.  They want to continue everything as before, by just digging deeper into that same -- one -- pocket . . . landowners!!
  2. Tell them; "You FLUNKED!"They still don't believe it. "Wiley" says the board; "don't have time to play the blame game..."
  3. Tell them; "We demand RESPONSIBLE management, live within the budget & stop just increasing TAXES!!"
  4. The "Sky" is NOT Falling! The Beguiling Super even said; "...we have two years ...before ...possible serious sanctions from TEA." And what are these "serious sanctions? She said; "Financial advisers ...managers or conservators could be assigned..." Now we sure don't need any of those kind of people around here, do we? The last time we had someone "snooping into the books," a popularly elected board member who ran on her financial accounting credentials, she was "run out of town" by unfounded accusations from a teacher, the wife of a newly elected board member.
  5. Broaden the tax base! Seek more industry like Motorola instead of libeling them. The only industry really promoted by this school is the one turning our states finest black land into blacktop. ALL the surrounding districts actively work at this and they have ALL the success!
  6. Consider other revenue sources for a change! What ever happened to the tax that used to be collected on autos newer than eight years old? Cities can collect taxes on every sort of utility, what about that? At least renters could "share the pain" then.
  7. Twenty paid coaches!?  You must be kidding! Our guess is there are plenty of parents who would volunteer . . . FOR FREE!
  8. Fire the Beguiling Super -- save $2,000.00/week? We are sure our board members are capable of receiving reports directly from our principals, without getting them "secondhand."
  9. Eliminate all "assistant" administrators! Their work used to be done by secretaries at a much lower salary.
  10. Reduce four campuses to three or even back to two.  At least pink slip the extra set, or two sets of administrators and staff.  Consider the fact that when each "campus" was divided and a new principle and staff hired, both sets immediately had half the work the first one had originally.  Did they work for half pay?
  11. Renegotiate teachers' contracts. If they work the next two years for what they worked for last year, nearly $500,000.00  could be saved! Shouldn't those who shared the ill gotten gain also share the pain? Instead of considering all options like this one in the middle of this "crisis", the Beguiling Super does not miss an opportunity to insist on raising teacher salaries!.
  12. Charge riders the full cost of riding buses, eliminating the entire transportation budget. This is standard at many schools around the country. Demand the sidewalk promised, the county extension between Church & Link, install bike racks and ENCOURAGE walking & riding.
  13. FUND RAISERS! Why don't we get that Blundering Saboteur that helped put us here do a string of gigs like he did while we paid him his Beguiling Super salary. Aren't we needy? Maybe we're not a worthy enough cause.
  14. $500,000.00 of donations! We firmly believe in voluntary donations and individual responsibility! If all the Progressive/Liberals who intend on voting for this tax hike, will donate only the average amount spent by homeschoolers to educate their own children [about $500, while still paying taxes for the Progressive/Liberals kids] the problem is solved!! So, how about it? Will you put your money where your mouth is, or do you continue to insist on picking people's pockets to put their money where your mouth is, to entertain your kids? You read that right. The original concept of "everyone" supporting the education of all children to improve the nation's literacy as a whole, has been grossly perverted. Now, only a few pay so we can largely entertain and warehouse.
  15. Sell or lease what several have dubbed our new Taj Mahal. We need another antique strip mall, right? Maybe our neighboring school district would like it. They've been dumping their kids out here for years, shouldn't they have to pay?
* The school already grabbed a 4 cent increase they didn't have to ask us for; they want another 13 cents with this election.

 Vote AGAINST more tax increases this Saturday, Sept. 30th?

Progressives get a C+ . . . School Board an F

    The latest mailing from the "Progressive Parents" group is surprisingly accurate with NO claim that this tax increase election is some kind of a "Roll Back."  They deserve credit for honesty on this hotly argued point, but the school board still FAILS on the issue.  Our progressive friends could have scored a higher grade if not for three important points.  They are:
  1. continuing their "Chicken Little - Sky is Falling" fear mongering.
  2. continuing to shift blame to Motorola, an easy scapegoat, for the RED INK instead of naming names -- AND CLAIMING IT!
  3. shamelessly trying to lure the elderly into casting an unprincipled vote, assuming they only care about money.

(Mudville) - Why do school officials continue their past behavior of election mis-conduct?  Dirty tricks like mis-labeling, mis-leading, and outright deception are still being used.  Why do they disrespect democracy?  Do they fear an HONEST election?  The law requires of them no less, but we still see them trying to fool the public.  They are capable of plain, honest communication as seen below, but not to the folks.  This legally required, LARGE PRINT declaration excerpt below, is hidden away on their website here: http://www.nisd.us/Forms/Election/Signed%20Ordinance%20to%20Set%20Tax%20Rate.pdf


    The school is trying to mislead the voters by calling this a "Roll Back" Election.  They are counting on "our ignorance" to win this election by calling this a "Roll Back" election.  They are feeding this lie to us in "talking points" hand outs, newspaper articles and on the radio.  They are showing us once again that dishonesty and propaganda still rules the day there. And they want you to trust them with more money?  It is VERY SAD they continue to model this behavior to our students.  This may be the only class in government they get.  Children are like sponges, and very observant.  We have received emails here from some of them who say they agree with the "win at any cost" mentality they have learned.  Another legally required filing at the below address again PROVES they KNOW what they are doing: http://www.nisd.us/Forms/Election/Rollback%20Election%20Resolution.pdf

    In the above school link, their own document is very clear.  Three times it shows they all fully understand the "ROLL BACK" is something that already occurred.  They understand we already have our roll back to $1.69.  They just want to take it back.  It proves they are purposely mis-leading us!  If they had ANY honor, they would immediately stop referring to this as a "Roll Back!"  Do they have to conduct every election dishonestly?

    This might be a "Roll Back of the Roll Back" but it is NO Roll Back, and they know it! They are counting on fooling and deceiving enough voters to pass it. They know some people will vote for it when they wanted to vote for less taxes.  It is criminal to misrepresent election facts.  That is why the state requires the above public declarations.

Vote NO Sept. 30

Questions for the propaganda meeting

  1. Isn't it illegal for the Beguiling Superintendent  to promote either side, in any way, or misrepresent any fact?
  2. Why are you conducting a dishonest election, calling it a "Rollback"? [this is a TAX INCREASE of 8%]
  3. From lines 2-4 of your letter to taxpayers, are we to believe RED INK was OK until there was a repercussion?
  4. From your lines 1-3 of "THE HISTORY"; based on your now admitted Bubble of Students, did the Build Schools at any cost gang form the Borrow & Spend Committee and use that "Sky is Falling" fairytale to criminally overturn our election?
  5. From line 4, minus 1/2% and plus 1.18% is still a PLUS, so why are you complaining?
  6. From line 5 [and 6 of the next 7 lines]: Isn't shifting the blame to Motorola continued irresponsible behavior?
  7. Didn't Motorola pay about half the districts local taxes for thirty years?
  8. With such official displays of "gratitude," why would any other large business move here?
  9. Why did you write a whole paragraph blaming Motorola instead of the real reason we are in this situation, which is too many years of Beguiling Superintendents and school Board Suck-ups who were . . . JUST THAT!?
  10. From paragraphs 2 & 5, why weren't tighter controls on purchasing already in place?
  11. From paragraphs 2, 3 & 6, why is everyone being cut EXCEPT . . .
  12. From paragraphs 4 & 7, TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATION?
  13. Isn't it true that their salaries are the majority of our budget, around 70-80%?
  14. Since teachers' salaries, based on hours required, are 75% higher than their business world counterpart with a similar education, why did you give them raises?    [see www.DontBS.us/teachersalary.html]
  15. Considering our RED INK, why did you mention raising teachers' salaries TWICE in your one page letter?

VOTE NO more taxes!



We ALREADY have our Roll Back, from our State Legislators and Governor.  These Brazen Spinmeisters want us to Vote it away.  
We now have $1.69 and they want us to vote for $1.82!!
    Don't take our word for it; read what Senator Wentworth said; "House Bill 1 provides for a 33 percent reduction in property taxes: 11 percent this year and another 22 percent the following year."  He further said the State will "offset the reduction in property taxes" to the school districts and "immediate tax relief will be provided by using $2.1 billion of the state surplus."  Go to:  www.DontBS.us/senator.htm  to read his letter, or if you want to read the whole law on-line go here:  http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/tlo/793/billtext/HB00001F.HTM


    Will the Blood Sucking ever stop?  They squandered, or "lost track of" a million ($1,000,000) dollars of our hard earned money, and they WANT MORE?!  They've given us the highest taxes in the area, for years, and $1.69 is still the state MAX!  Land owners have been covering their greed and screw-ups for decades and they show their "appreciation," by taking away our Homestead Exemption.  Now, when we finally get a little tax relief from the state, they want to snatch that away too!  Our new over priced Beguiling Supers' Best Scheme is to cut paper clips but still "increase...teacher salaries"?  Is this in addition to the state paid $2,500 raise they all got this year, or was she just spinning again?

    They did tell us one thing right; 80% of the money is in salaries, but that's where their candor ends.  The hard fact is . . . most of the belt tightening has to be done right there, and it really does not matter whether some among us "DO NOT want to see that happen!"  Staff is bloated, and the student to teacher ratio is still only 14.1.  Four campuses, with four sets of over paid administration and staff is a "luxury" we could not obviously afford.  Buses are expensive luxuries used by only some of the kids, some of the time, and what ever happened to that sidewalk we were promised?   (Our kids will live longer and healthier if they walked a bit more.)  We are always told that we under pay our teachers, so maybe we should do some of these extra "under paid" teachers a favor and let them commute to the big city where a beginning teacher can start at $42,000.  

    When things are tight, everyone should pitch in, but there always seem to be "sacred cows" like teachers, band, football and buses that are paraded out to threaten us with.  Land owners have been the "sacrificial cow" for too long, and they are being led to slaughter again.  Maybe it is time that extra-curricular activities that benefit only a few students are paid for by that group, however -- it is worth restating; cuts should start at the top!  

    Let's tell them to go back to work and this time really sacrifice, like we have.  Tell them with your vote AGAINST on Sept. 30th.

School Board Elections

Some voters think electing a teacher to their School Board, or even a professor at the local college, is a good decision.  One recent candidate obviously thought coming from a long family line of teachers some how better qualified him for the Board.  He proudly claimed both his wife's and his family qualified him.  He claimed his wife, his mother and father, his brother, his uncle, grandfather and mother-in-law.  WOW -- What BS!  You can bet your money, and -- well -- you are betting your money, that this kind of candidate is going to represent teachers.

But WHO are school board members suppose to represent?

Should board members be elected to represent teachers? NO! Teachers have plenty of representation from their shear numbers, from administration, from unions, from the media, from public support and from a majority of politicians as they pander.

But WHO are school board members suppose to represent?

Some voters think that since the school is suppose to be "all about the students," that every aspect of the school is about the kids.  This misguided belief also causes them to reject candidates who don't have children currently enrolled.  Have you noticed how so many board members leave office after their own kids are out of school?  Are they cowering to this social prejudice or are they just that selfish?

But WHO are school board members suppose to represent?

Should board members be elected to represent students?  Yes, but only to a degree.  Students are represented by their parents and board members should represent students only as surrogates of the students' parents.  Unfortunately, many board members and their policies regularly undermine parents, but that is an issue for another time.

But WHO are school board members suppose to represent?

School Board members should represent constituents ... all of them!!!  This is their legal and moral obligation.  But who is a constituent?  First and foremost, they must live in the school district!  And live means to reside -- not just have a residence that can then be used to Brazenly Steal tuition .  They must be legally able to vote, whether they do or not.  This includes parents and non-parents, big land owners and small land owners, the popular "talking heads" and the quiet citizen.  EVERY CITIZEN WITHIN THE DISTRICT 18 and over, whether they voted or not, is that board members constituent.  Citizens have NO OTHER real voice within this system.

Much of what is wrong in the district is a direct result of school Board Schemers who fraudulently represent every group except  those who empowered them -- their constituents.  When these schemers are not advancing their own family and friends, they are ignorantly Beguiled by the Superintendent.  One example of this lack of proper representation is seen in the fact that, by and large, this district is still socially and economically conservative, but you would not know that by the Boards policy and actions.

Elect someone who PROMISES to represent YOU -- then DEMAND they do!

NEO-NAZI Behaving Schools?

Mudville Public Schools behavior is all too common among government schools who ignore the law, the Education Code, and use Bullying, Strong-arm tactics against parents and students when it suits them.  Mudvilles checkered past will continue to be chronicled here, but since "misery like company," the miserable behavior of Mudvilles neighbors will not be ignored either.

The Texas Home School Coalition Association legally defends families who are threatened or attacked by the overwhelming force of the Government School.  THSC know the law and the Education Code and are fearless in facing down Bullying School districts.
Contact them at http://www.thsc.org or call
(806) 744-4441

The THSC Association Letter to Seguin ISD


February 24, 2006


Mr. Steve Hudson

F.C. Weinert Elementary School

1111 N. Bruns

Seguin, Texas 78155


Dear Mr.  Hudson,


I am writing on behalf of Mr. T___ U________, a member of our Association.  Mr. and Mrs. U________ gave written notice of the withdrawal of their child via certified mail on February18, and your office signed for that letter on February 21, 2006.  According to the Mr. U________, you contacted him on his cell phone on Monday February 20, at which time you told him that the law required him to make a personal appearance at the school and sign withdrawal papers.  According to Mr. U________, you also called him again the next day and angrily insisted, once more, that he must come to your office and sign the forms, in spite of the fact that he told you they had sent a certified letter noting the withdrawal and your office signed for it that day.  You threatened to send a truant officer to his home and take legal action; in fact, Ms. Teresa Cuevas did go to their home and left a warning for truancy of their child. 


Mr. Hudson, you are mistaken; the law does not require a parent to make an appearance or sign district withdrawal forms.  According to the Commissioner of Education, it is not necessary for a parent to complete school forms if they have given written notice of withdrawal, nor is it required by law.  Mr. U________ has given written notice of the withdrawal of his child and has cooperated with your requests as recommended by the Texas Education Agency.  Please remove his child from the rolls of your school immediately.  Failure to do so or any further action by you or the school district against Mr. and Mrs. U________ or their child, will expose you and Seguin ISD to legal liability. 




Tim Lambert


Enclosure: Commissioner Letter


cc:  Mr. T___ U________; Ms. Teresa Cuevas; Dr. Irene Garza, Superintendent, Seguin ISD; Dr. Shirley J. Neeley, Commissioner of Education; Mr. Robert Scott, Chief Deputy Commissioner of Education; State Senator Jeff Wentworth; State Representative Edmund Kuempel; Texas home schoolers

Local Control?

We hear much about "local control" these days, particularly relating to school districts.  However, only the pitifully naive and some Big School "insiders" believe that most government schools, including Mudville's, is locally controlled.  The fact is, such little respect exists for our democratic process that prospective board members shouldn't dare think their election will put them in control of anything.  Even after campaigning on specific issues and receiving a mandate to carry them out, newly elected board members find themselves stonewalled, "trained," or run off if they don't "get in line."  This "Line" is not Bigger School buildings, though that is one result, but just Big School, sometimes known as Big Education--one of three Socialistic power seeking groups along with Big Labor and Big Government.  This "Line" is implemented and promoted by federal and state Departments of Education, institutes of higher learning, teachers unions, and a myriad of other groups.  This literal army deploys its' Battlefield Sergeants [Beguiling Superintendents] to keep the local "rabble" in line.  If board members should "get out of line," as we saw here for example, by asking "wrong" questions, they are attacked on all sides like from a pack of mad dogs.  Now, they are even being sent off to "obedience training," where they are meant to become Barking Sheepdogs, and join the rest of the pack.  Beguiling Supers themselves attend seminars to hone their technique for wrenching effective control away from those who are duly elected and legitimately have it.  This pack mentality infests board members and most hirelings who "toe the Line" of these Beguiling Supers and hides itself behind clichés like "School Spirit," "Support our Teachers," and our favorite; "For our Children."  Any school Board Simpleton, who "toes that Line" betrays our children by betraying the parents who placed them there.  Some hirelings regularly and shamelessly exploit our children in the classroom by propagandizing them with the Big School "Line," and have done so for years.  It is rare to impossible to find a student that hasn't also been trained to "toe that Line."

Every attempt, by school officials, to turn children against their parents is not only unprofessional, but immoral and despicable!  Local control?--don't you believe it for a second.  Oh, there's an elaborate theater production going on to give the appearance of local control, but the Monday evening board meetings and occasional special meetings are all a ruse.  The most control any citizen has these days in their local government school is ... maybe . . . a concession stand!

Control equals Power

If control over your local school and your own childs' mind and future by a heartless national conglomerate of self-serving power mongers isn't bad enough, hold onto your hat.  The United Nations wants that control too.  It's amazing how ignorance, blind trust, and apathy from parents can have such far reaching, even international, results.  Read the following CATO Institute summit notice below--but first, our heartfelt advice:

Take control of your own children's education.  They were given to you as a sacred trust from God and you are compelled to do it and do it right, by His standard; "Train up a child in the way he should go..." Proverbs 22:6.

This September's United Nations summit in New York will assess progress toward the goal of achieving universal basic education by 2015. Many people argue that the only way for children in poor countries to receive a basic education is through more international aid for public schools. That view, however, ignores the crucial role that private education can play, and is already playing, in serving the educational needs of the poor. As surprising as it may be, private schools today serve some of the poorest people on the planet. A CATO Institute conference September 8th however, includes the screening of a documentary film commissioned by BBC World exploring private schools in one of the poorest slums in Africa—Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. The film, based on the research of Professor James Tooley, shows how 75 percent of the poorest children attend private schools that are better and cheaper to run than their public school counter-parts. Interviews with parents show clearly why they prefer private schools. Footage shot in the public schools and interviews with officials in charge reinforce the reasons for that preference.  Following the screening, Tooley will present the findings of a two-year global study of private schools for the poor.

Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C. 20001-5403
Phone (202) 842-0200 Fax (202) 842-3490

Naked truth Brings S

Being made to pay your taxes AND your neighbors?

Government school taxes are the lion's share of all taxes and those who have been entrusted with them here have proven themselves unworthy at best and possibly criminals, if we had prosecutors with backbone.  Those who take by threat of force want more and more without satisfaction.  We now have the highest tax rate in the area and they never stop talking and planning more Borrowing and Spending. They show little sense of responsibility to hard working taxpayers they oppress by their waste and misappropriation of tax revenue.  Instead, they've long made a habit of playing fast and loose with what they quickly come to believe is "their" money.  EASY COME -- EASY GO!  And Lately ... They expect us to pay our taxes AND part of the taxes of other districts!

He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for his Maker - Proverbs 14.31
The prejudice of racism is common here, but more common may be the prejudice of Social-Economic discrimination, i.e. prejudice AGAINST the POOR.  This type of prejudice may top the list here, as we have a bumper crop.  For years, many poor, Hispanic families with multi-generations of graduates from this school were told to GET OUT because they lived on the district's fringe, even though the board made sure that those "chosen" [and personal friends?] even outside the district, were allowed to stay and continue robbing tax payers.

The "Trust"ees and a succession of Beguiling Supers have, for some time now, wanted this district to grow and have actively worked to that end.  While putting on their hypocritical "Chicken Little, Sky is Falling" charade of blaming "uncontrolled growth", they've covertly worked to encourage this growth.

[Why have they worked to grow the school?  Three reasons from three groups we can identify:
Thankfully, all three groups combined are a very small minority of the eligible voters, but apathy among the majority has allowed these minority groups to often prevail.]

Because of past Boards' locally bred Social-Economic and Racial discrimination, they used to run some poor, usually Hispanic, families out of the school who lived on the border fringe, but  turned a collective blind eye to actual out of district middle-class, usually White students.  Many of these alleged to "live with grandma", or "cousin", or even their "step-mother from Hell" in order to steal an education paid for NOT by their actual neighbors. Most local people KNOW these facts as small communities have few secrets, and they would have been easily provable, but those Boards weren't interested. Such was their fiscal and moral irresponsibility.

THAT WAS THEN, but NOW, and for some years, our Board of Schemers fiscal irresponsibility has been tapped by several Beguiling Supers who only wanted to boost their personal resumes by growing this school.  They have turned their collective blind eye to nearly everyone.  It's no wonder that the out of district radio station and newspapers are always FOR our bond issues.  It costs them nothing and they've been using our school to dump troubled youth from their large neighboring school district for a long time.  It's cheaper for them and improves their dismal statistics.  Our Board of Schemers are happy to have any head to count in the morning.  They further pumped up student rolls, to give some sense of reality to their imagined "growth crisis" and to justify their building programs, by telling all employees, no matter where they pay their school taxes, to; "bring your kids here".  [Do they also extend that same "free" bonus, equal to about $7,000.00 per year per student, to employees of their Bus Service and all the district's OTHER suppliers, like air-conditioning, cafeteria food, accounting service, or even their janitorial supply companies, and if not, WHY NOT?  Is it legal to have inconsistent policies?  We're wondering when some greedy lawyer is going to talk an employee into filing suit or worse, a class action suit against such policies?  Take an actual employee who lived in and worked for the district with half a dozen kids who attended all 13 years.  This employee was denied the equivalent of $546,000.00 worth of "free" tuition employment bonuses that would have been part of his employment "package" if only the family lived outside the district.  The employees' only "crime" was living in and paying taxes to this district.  If a court ordered this district to recompense this employee and expanded that to include all similar employees, even going back just a few years, THE SCHOOL WOULD BE BANKRUPT -- IT WOULD SHUT THE SCHOOL DOWN!  Such is the continuing irresponsibility of these Blundering Simpletons.]

Emboldened by their success in growing the school which is their true motive yet always denied, they counted on public ignorance as usual.  The board then "secretly" played word games with policy writing to codify the means for even further growth of the district.  They nuanced the words "resident" and "residence" in order to give those who have a little money a tool to further rob those who have not.  Under the Board's "Residence" policy, you don't have to be a "Resident" to send your kids here.  You only have to buy or rent a Broken-down Shack , i.e. a "Residence"!  This has the added "benefit" that will attract usually White, but at least the economically middle class.  The poor can't afford extra expenses.  This furthers the Board's Social-Economic and Racially discriminatory policies.  There have even been some enrolled whose family acquired a "Residence" in the district but who are in reality a "Resident" of a different county.  They have further compounded their evil by committing VOTER FRAUD by regularly voting in district elections.

Allegedly, this "issue" was addressed by "Trust"ees but, of course, it was given the old Admit Nothing-Deny Everything "song and dance" so common from them.  Only when enough light is shown on this evil of constantly robbing taxpayers through their greed, waste and indulgence, might they "remember" that they work for us, and the Beguiling Super works for them -- they don't work for him.  Assuming of course that one day the Board does see this "light" and stops pumping up student rolls, one simple solution  is to commission someone to investigate and report ALL students who do not actually LIVE in the district.  Short term savings alone, realized from removing the out of district students, would more than cover costs.  Furthermore, we encourage a lucrative BOUNTY be payable to ANYONE [of any age] who first provides information that proves a student does not live in this district.  Echoes may not be heard in the halls, but this alleged "overcrowding problem" would be seen as the Big Story that it's always been.  Of course this should happen ONLY AFTER the Board quits deceiving those who elected them to EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN.  The Board can begin to RESPONSIBLY CARRY OUT THE TRUST GIVEN THEM OVER OUR TAXES by re-writing this policy WITHOUT the word games.

We often get emails that unfortunately indicate a severe lack of understanding and basic common sense so we're sure to get a few now who will ask; "What's wrong with the Board giving a free education to whoever they want to?"  To this misguided soul let us inform you one universal truth about Taxation.  The citizens of the political district, known as constituents, who pay the tax should benefit!  It's really quite simple to understand; everyone lives and pays taxes in some district.  GO THERE!

We understand apathy from ignorance, but if you have now learned of the abuse of power and misappropriation of tax revenue, what will you do to set this right?  If you don't, Who has the greater sin?

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves." - Bertrand de Jouvenel
From: January 24, 2005


MUDVILLE -- "Trust"ees meet tonight in public hearing over the annexation of the remainder of one property into this district that we're told sits in three school districts.  A Peek in the recent local propaganda pages about this issue show how concerned some are about this communities' history of discrimination, and for good reason.  The "ignorant" poor have been made to believe that the "trust"tees and Beguiling Super have wrung their hands to the bone over this "complicated issue."  Don't BS us!  Whether a part of their 89 pound written policy "Bible" or not, the simple solution and what we understand was once the standard procedure in these cases had been to determine which district the master bedroom was in.  That was the district where your children could go.  We really don't understand what all the fuss is about.  If this family, or any family, really wants a Mudville "education", they can NOW just rent a Broken-down Shack and STEAL IT from us!  The Board of "Trust"ees have made it very easy to do.  [see follow up story:  GOVERNMENT SCHOOL OFFICIALS EXPOSED]

Do Bigoted Souls run Mudville?

Every Autumn in Mudville is time for Brisket Smoking at the annual Bar-B-Q Supper and in Texas, BBQ Beef and Sausage is no BS.  Once again though, beef is not the only "red" meat to be offered up in Mudville, and that is BS!  Year after year, the same goofy "injun" has been served up to the community as some kind of "de-facto" mascot, and we ask whether the use of this image is the result of Blind Stupidity, Bigoted Souls, or both?  Surely those responsible must know from the "old timers" or even a local web site that there is no "Injun" associated with the town name but rather the Christian scholar St. Jerome.  Or is this evidence of systemic racism in our community?  This unflattering clown like, stereotypical depiction of a "Red" Man Brings Shame on the community and should cause red faces on all whose conscience is not seared and whose heart is not hardened.  While only a couple hundred miles west, "paleface" will find himself the minority among Native Americans, we wonder if the belief that "there ain't no Indians around here" has emboldened those responsible, much like gossiping about someone after they leave the room?  We also wonder if they even know or care that last year the local government school had two Native American children registered and this year has one?  How has this made them feel?  Jesus said; 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me."
racist flyer
Furthermore, we ask which of the 562 federally recognized Native American tribal governments did those responsible for this image obtain the rights to use it AND the cultural symbols it contains, or do they simply think they are entitled?  Do they think they have a special right to take and use anything from the Native American culture they want?  It has been suggested by one Native American that; "such a sense of entitlement to everything Native stems from the initial sense of discovery the first Europeans felt.  This entitlement assumes the right to just take what is indigenous, with complete disregard for Native peoples, in a manner in which the perpetrators would not think of doing so easily with other traditions.  It is only when one romanticizes and objectifies Native people that such appropriation can occur."  Let us hope we've seen the last of "Injun Joe."


Another crop of students at Mudville's government school recently walked the "graduation" stage having failed the most basic subjects.  Like too many previous classes, they fail in fundamental areas like good citizenship, which should be anchored in their understanding of American History. They fail because they are not taught! For example, one of our recent salutitorians could not identify Spain or Italy on a map. These two countries loomed large in America's history from Columbus through WWII. They should have been 'covered' many times in various courses over 12 years. This same student drew a complete blank about Valley Forge, which is kind of understandable since, for decades now, textbooks have increasingly been expunged of our Founding Fathers contributions.  All meaningful history of America's beginning has been systematically censored because our Founders made many references to God and the Bible. The religion of Secular Humanism, promoted in all government schools, has no tolerance for any other. But textbooks are only half the problem. A former graduate, third in class, admits having never read any book assignment, being able to bluff every teacher, and claimed many fellow students did the same. Our students' American heritage, here and in government schools across the country, is being squandered!

Mudville chooses to hire and retain some of the worst excuses for 'teachers' and administrators, who are... at best ... WARM BODIES!

NO Oct. 5 MEANT NO Dec. 6 [signs]
NO Oct 5
NO Dec6


  Tied 1-1 2 out of 3 [signs]
TIED 1-1
2 OUT OF 3

Some have questioned our use of roadside signs that are one or a few words each, and must be read in succession to understand the message.  This method was made popular by Burma Shave many years ago, before Interstates, when everyone drove the old 2-lane roads.  Burma Shave signs would be posted along those roads in farmers'  fields, about 100 feet apart.


"Facts are stubborn things; and what ever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they can not alter the state of facts, and evidence."  President John Adams

Will our newly re-elected "guardians of the law" prosecute?

The Sheriff says; "I believe you are a law-abiding citizen who has worked hard for what you have.  I also believe you are tired of people who turn to crime as an easy way to make a living with little responsibility to society."  Does the Sheriff only have "beliefs" or will he uphold the law?

The County Attorney says; "she has fought against unethical practices and conflicts of interest by government agencies ... As your County Attorney, she believes protecting the public trust is her number one priority."  Using tax payers funds against them to steal an election that steals NINETEEN MILLION DOLLARS [$19,000,000.00] certainly qualifies for "unethical practices and conflicts of interest by government agencies."  The "public trust" of half the people of this area, and really everyone, has been trampled, so we are glad to know it is her "number one priority." 

We shall expect charges filed in the near future!

Texas Public Law states:
§ 255.003. Unlawful Use of Public Funds for Political Advertising
(a) An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not spend or authorize the spending of public funds for political advertising.
(b) This section does not apply to a communication that factually describes the purposes of a measure if the communication does not advocate passage or defeat of the measure.
(c) A person who violates this section commits an offense. An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor. Amended by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 899, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.

Every point of the law above has been violated by officers and employees during the campaign leading up to the December 6 election and as such, charges and convictions should follow, no matter how apparently small the crime looks, it is still a crime and the guilty ARE CRIMINALS!

Taking section "(b) This section does not apply to a communication that factually describes the purposes of a measure," we submit the following evidence.
evidence-lying chart
You will of course note the criminally altered enrollment for year "02-'03 given at 1,343.  The factual figure is 1,260 and no amount of "oops we goofed" is believable.  DON'T BS US! The Belligerent Socialites running the show have been spouting off about growth, growTH, GROWTH for many years, and many bond elections.  It has been the central "claimed" issue for decades.  THIS was NO goof!  The Borrow and Spend mindset knew what they were doing.  This "juiced up" criminal figure appears only in this expensive, 2-color, slick glossy flyer, criminally printed and mailed to all district  residents at taxpayer expense in school envelopes.  The factual 1,260 appears in all "Official" reports to the State of Texas including the Texas Education Agency, and even in a curiously similar looking chart on their website.  [If you care enough to study the facts, the T.E.A. link above provides a wealth of information that the Bolshevik Socialists don't want you to know.]

Of course, when a Beguiling Super lies to the State and the T.E.A. it can get him in serious hot water... might even be a career ending dip.  But lying to the home folk?  That's been as safe as stealing candy from a baby whose narcissistic parents have abandoned it on the street corner.

Evidence of more criminal acts will be forthcoming, as we promised, and will further prove the willingness of some local B.S.ers to embrace evil.  It is EVIL, as well as un-American, un-Patriotic, immoral and un-Christian to stoop low enough to steal elections and rob neighbors.

The forceful confrontation of Evil is often what is needed to break through to very prideful people.  C.S. Lewis wrote; "...the utmost evil, is Pride. ... it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind. ... As long as you are proud you can not know God. ... For Pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.  ... How is it that people who are quite obviously eaten up with Pride can say they believe in God ... ? ...I am afraid it means they are worshiping an imaginary God. ... I suppose it was of those people Christ was thinking when He said; 'I never knew you.'  And any of us may at any moment be in this death-trap."  Lastly, it should be reposted here: Evil deeds are done by evil people. 1Sa 24:13. Once you are convicted of that truth, there is hope. May we here at "DontBS.us" serve HIM to help convict your spirit.


Texas State Rep. Kuempel on BALLOT BOX STUFFING;
"I agree the possibility of abuse is dangerous."

The following is a recent exchange of  emails between our Texas State Representative, Edmund Kuempel, and one of our citizens on  the  ballot Box "Stuffing" issue raised by this site.

Honorable Rep. Kuempel,
The website, "www.DontBS.us" is reporting; "For some years
now, our school elections have been skewed by carrying the
ballot boxes around and setting them up at various "special"
events." Will you please inform me of, or direct me to,
where I can find the law and history of the legislative
process of this.
Thank you in advance.
I took a look at the website and would be curious to know in what school district this is occurring. I have never witnessed or heard of such a practice. Texas law is very specific in its requirements for polling times, dates and locations. The law on local school board elections is identical to that for all other state, county and local races. These requirements can all be found in Title 4. Texas Election Code. The Code can be found on the web at www.capitol.state.tx.us .
Edmund Kuempel

Honorable Rep. Kuempel,
I have searched out ... the Law on this subject. It appears to be in Title 7, Chapter 85 of the Election Code [below]. It looks like the website, "www.DontBS.us" nailed this one ... To answer your question, my family is in the Navarro I.S.D., and I have heard of this practice here for many years though I doubt, after reading the law, that the same practice is not being used in every school district in the state. I wonder if our State office holders foresaw how this would be used to manipulate particularly public school bond elections? How can it be considered fair and "above board" to give a group of voters known to be highly pro-bond [that is parents of school age, particularly younger, children] even MORE opportunities to vote when most of them already frequent the school/voting area many times during the early voting period?
I hope you will have time to answer my questions and share your thoughts
Thank you in advance.

    (a)  Except as provided by Subsection (d) or (e), one or more early voting polling places other than the main early voting polling place may be established by:

        (1)  the commissioners court, for an election in which the county clerk is the early voting clerk;  or
        (2)  the governing body of the political subdivision served by the authority ordering the election, for an election in which a person other than the county clerk is the early voting clerk.
    (b)  A polling place established under this section may be located, subject to Subsection (d), at any place in the territory served by the early voting clerk and may be located in any stationary structure as directed by the authority establishing the branch office.  The polling place may be located in a movable structure in the general election for state and county officers, general primary election, or runoff primary election.  Ropes or other suitable objects may be used at the polling place to ensure compliance with Section 62.004.  Persons who are not expressly permitted by law to be in a polling place shall be excluded from the polling place to the extent practicable.

Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, § 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986.  Amended by Acts 1991, 72nd Leg., ch. 203, § 1.11, 1.12;  Acts 1991, 72nd Leg., ch. 554, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1991;  Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1349, § 35, eff. Sept. 1, 1997;  Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1350, § 5, eff. Sept. 1, 1997;  Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1381, § 12, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.

  (a)  This section applies only to an election in which the territory served by the early voting clerk is situated in a county with a population under 100,000. In an election in which the territory served by the clerk is situated in more than one county, this section applies if the sum of the populations of the counties is under 100,000.

    (b)  Voting at a temporary branch polling place may be conducted on any one or more days and during any hours of the period for early voting by personal appearance, as determined by the authority establishing the branch.  The authority authorized under Section 85.006 to order early voting on a Saturday or Sunday may also order, in the manner prescribed by that section, early voting to be conducted on a Saturday or Sunday at any one or more of the temporary branch polling places.
    (c)  The schedules for conducting voting are not required to be uniform among the temporary branch polling places.

You are correct. That is the law on this issue, and I appreciate you calling it to my attention. You are the first person that has contacted me about additional voting places being a problem. After your last note, I contacted a local election administrator to gauge the extent of the problem. You are also correct that it is used most often by school districts, especially for bond elections. ...
We hesitate to absolutely forbid additional locations because the legislature is interested in giving as many people as possible the opportunity to vote. When done correctly it can be a legitimate practice, however, I agree the possibility of abuse is dangerous. I look for additional changes in the future to curb this practice. 
Again, I appreciate you calling this to my attention. I will certainly keep this on my radar screen.
Edmund Kuempel

DontBS.us says; The good people of Texas are very interested in "giving as many people as possible the opportunity to vote".  Maybe our legislators should consider having the ballot boxes carried door to door like the Fuller Brush salesman of old. Or maybe we could contract with the Jehovah Witnesses, who never seem to miss anyone.  It is shamefully obvious that our school districts are NOT interested in Justice. They are interested in "JUST US!"  They want as many Borrow and Spend people as possible to vote!  These Machiavellian Bandits and Snakes are only interested in "Kingdom Building,"  and to them, the "end justifies any means."

People - contact your Texas State Representative and Senator and let them know this abuse of democracy must not stand!  For this area: e-mail:EDMUND.KUEMPEL@house.state.tx.us  &  e-mail:jeff.wentworth@senate.state.tx.us


"...[M]uch to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so plainly; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass." --George Washington

Does the saying, "Turning over in his grave come to mind"?  It SHOULD!

We have all had a hand in turning this great nation away from the clear path this "Father of our Nation" and his brave countrymen set it upon. Whether our hands are "on the wheel" of this mighty "ship" or we stand with them in our pockets, we are guilty! An honest study
(which is not possible with the lying textbooks pushed on our children) of these mighty men, our forefathers, make the best of us look like Bad Seeds!

What was President Washington saying by; "neglect the means?" At a minimum, he was referring to the process by which the people of this new nation would govern themselves into the future . . . ELECTION PROCESS!  We have neglected the process for sure with a shameful average of only 3% of the qualified voters actually deciding the outcome, and thereby running the school.  This writer cringes every time
, regardless of the outcome, to see their post-election marquee proclaim their belief that 3% equals "support and confidence" from the community. Though the recent numbers are rising, due largely to what we are calling ballot Box "Stuffing," the percentage is still dismal.

For some years now, our school elections have been skewed by carrying the ballot boxes around and setting them up at various "special" events. This has resulted in the biggest Borrow & Spend bond-letting [blood-letting] by government schools in Texas state history. Since the government school runs the election process, and invariably wants every Budget Sinking, Borrow & Spend, Big School  bond election to pass, where do you think these boxes show up? The elementary school award ceremonies and concerts are likely spots.  The manipulation of our treasured election process by these mere hirelings is SHAMEFUL! The REAL majority  will rarely vote themselves a tax increase, and these hirelings know it, so they have been "stuffing" ballot boxes to "steal" their victory.  Shame on You!

Already quite favorable to the idea of spending other people's money on their own children, who will be reaping the benefits the longest, most elementary school parents don't need convincing, JUST CONVENIENCE! And these hirelings know just how to provide it. If there is even a shred of conscience in the parent's mind, who could resist when little Johnny beams after being pinned with a blue ribbon, or Mary from the applause after her presentation? We will grant ignorance to some parents, though--as the police officer will tell you--ignorance is no excuse. Some of these parents are very young, and have lived with "convenience" elevated to near deity for their entire life. Maybe some think that THIS "convenience" is offered to every demographic group, but more likely, they just don't think!

The very FACT that this "convenience" is not made available and logistically cannot be made available to every group equally may be the "silver lining in this dark cloud" of  shameful election tactics. If you don't have a child in elementary school, just try to "crash the party" in order to cast your vote in one of these floating ballot boxes. Hopefully, brave patriots empowered by the immorality of this injustice, and an army of angry voters will soon confront this evil, and stop this abuse of our cherished democratic process. If not, what could we see next, the return of the poll tax?

I wish I had captured a local man's face on film when he first heard about this; a man who was born and raised in this district, and graduated from this school, and said he; "votes in every election."  This man who is normally quite reserved was visibly shocked and expressed first disbelief, and then betrayal.  And BETRAYAL is EXACTLY what this is. This goes way beyond neglecting the process that President Washington warned of; this is ballot Box Stuffing, and this is wrong!

So how did this evil come upon us? Two words come to mind. We're Busy, then Snoring. Shame on Us!

We think this BS also qualifies for Deceit and Voter Fraud, but unfortunately, there is more BS to report in those categories. Stay tuned . . .


Borrow & Spend Committee a disgrace to democracy
Lies, Deceit, Voter Fraud, Ballot box "stuffing," & criminal acts make for a shallow victory