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An independent, nonpartisan, educational website responding to a growing disrespect for the democratic process and dedicated to promoting Christian principles, limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility.

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from December 25, 2003

MUDVILLE -- Recent actions of the B.S. committee, that was formed to thwart the majority will of the local electorate, is the inspiration behind "DontBS.us", a new website in the patriotic ".US" [pronounced; "dot U S"] domain. Because of a growing local disrespect for democracy and the democratic process, and because local media are complicit with their silence, and worse, giving their ENDORSEMENT and thousands of dollars worth of free advertising always to one side, "DontBS.us" is born. The timing at CHRISTmas is no coincidence. This is a gift to our community, and our country. The country that our Founding Fathers intended, as they codified Scripture within our laws. We will strive to follow the example of delivering exhortation that was modeled by our Savior, Jesus Christ, who was never quiet or "kind" confronting evil.

The will to do evil exists in EVERY ONE of us. I repeat - EVERY ONE! Christians are not exempt. It is our choice to do it or not. Edmund Burke said; "Evil flourishes when good men and women stand by and do nothing." Too much evil has been done for this very reason, and shall be exposed to the light. Good men and women will speak out at "DontBS.us" We encourage all who have evil to document and want a venue to expose it to e-mail:Editor@DontBS.us. Together, God willing, we will make a difference and improve life for ourselves and our children.

This site will feature articles and opinions with viewpoints decidedly Christian, pro small government, fiscal and social conservatism . Facts and opinions will be posted, and every reasonable effort will be employed to prevent libel, remembering truth is a strong defense for libel. If we make an error in "fact", e-mail us the proof, and we will be glad to post a retraction and an apology. If your skin is thin, get yourself out of the "burning light" and go to a "dermatologist." In other words, if you get upset because your evil deeds are exposed, stop doing them! This will get you out of the "light". Then you should go to the Lord for healing.  King David said; Evil deeds are done by evil people. 1Sa 24:13. Once you are convicted of that truth, there is hope. May we here at "DontBS.us" serve HIM to shine light into darkness.


"DontBS.us" will attempt to dispel BS wherever it is found, beginning with the BS committee and their mascot, Bad Santa, a true Christmas grinch.

Bad Santa - the Christmas Grinch

This is Bad Santa, the local Christmas grinch. His coat, once red, is turning purple. No royalty flows in his blood line, though he acts like a king for sure. Rumor has it he replaced his reindeer with a herd of purple Fat Cats. This Bad Santa may have eaten the cookies, we can't tell, but we do know his hand has been in the "cookie jar!" The evidence of that mischief is plain to see, and what will he do with the loot? [2006 update: multi-millions of dollars of red ink] Notice also by the shadows, that this Bad Santa has NO shame. He dumps his load of "dirty tricks" at high noon!