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An independent, nonpartisan, educational website responding to a growing disrespect for the democratic process and dedicated to promoting Christian principles, limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility.

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We welcome all who sincerely want to contribute in this effort.

    Many good people are involved here trying to make a positive difference in their community and world.  Some offer more help than I'm sure they can afford to give.  Some write, others proof read, while some fill the important roll of keeping us informed.  Everyone is appreciated!

    One particular need we have is for more land owners that have land right on a busy road in the area, to bravely step up.  We need more signs placed along those busy roadways in the weeks leading up to elections.  We receive feedback and much thanks from good folk who say they would have forgot to vote otherwise.  We know the few signs we now have are very effective, and they know it too.  That's why the BScommittee planned and carried out the "timely" and criminal theft of our signs to help win their last bond issue.  They knew it was those same well placed signs that helped deliver the only bond election defeat in this district's history. With help from lots of folk who believe in raising good children, instead of monuments and taxes, it won't be their last defeat.

Please email us if you want to help us provide a better world for all our little ones.